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Our History

Global Self Storage, Inc. (Ticker: SELF) (the "Company") is a self-administered and self-managed real estate investment trust ("REIT") focused on the ownership, operation, acquisition, development and redevelopment of self storage facilities in the United States. Our self storage facilities are designed to offer affordable, easily accessible and secure storage space for residential and commercial customers. The Company currently owns and operates, through its wholly owned subsidiaries, eleven self storage properties located in Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina.

The Company commenced operations as a closed-end management investment company on February 7, 1997. Prior to that date the Company was a series of shares designated Bull & Bear Global Income Fund (and prior to October 29, 1992 and since September 1, 1983, Bull & Bear High Yield Fund) of Bull & Bear Funds II, Inc., an open-end management investment company organized in 1974 and operating under the name Bull & Bear Incorporated until October 29, 1993. On February 29, 2012, stockholders approved a proposal to change the Company's business from an investment management company to an operating company that owns, operates, manages, acquires, develops and redevelops professionally managed self storage facilities. The Company changed its name from Self Storage Group, Inc. to Global Self Storage, Inc., effective as of January 19, 2016.